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Partner - WeRoad

Sector - Travel & Tourism, Hospitality

Responsibilities - Research & strategy, service design, information architecture, UX/UI and visual design, business operation design.

Objective -  Create service design ideas aimed at enhancing individuals' travel experiences and transforming the travel sector towards a more sustainable future. .

Project duration - months

Project Overview

The Problem

Over-commercialized travel information leads to unsustainable travel experiences, both socially and environmentally,

which results in overcrowded attractions and the

loss of authenticity in destinations.

Research Process


In order to gain a deeper understanding of various travel behaviors and identify our target users, we conducted multiple rounds of interviews with general travelers, posing the following questions:

  1. How do you typically plan your trips?

  2. What are your thoughts on the current offerings in the travel industry?

  3. What are your expectations for an ideal trip?


To gather more insights, we conducted additional interviews specifically with curious individuals, exploring their personal stories and experiences during authentic trips.


Furthermore, we organized multiple map workshops with local residents, who provided valuable travel tips. This exercise served to reinforce the notion that local advice plays a crucial role in enhancing the authenticity of one's journey, as it often reveals hidden spots and invaluable recommendations that are not readily available online.

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What is Authenticity?


"The quality of being genuine, true, or real. It implies honesty, trustworthiness, and a lack of pretense or artificiality."

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HMW Statement

How Might We enable authentic travel experiences by seamlessly and interactively connecting travelers with locals, curating travel advice from genuine perspectives, and facilitating mutual value exchange between local communities and visitors ?


VOCAL is a service aims to help craft authentic travel experiences for individuals seeking to delve into the local culture and lifestyle of their travel destination. By allowing the travellers to hear the real and genuine local voices and recommendations, VOCAL is dedicated to create unforgettable and authentic travel memories that go beyond mere sightseeing.

  • Vision

To Discover travel destinations like a local.

  • Mission

To offer travel advice from a local perspective, crafting an authentic journey for the travellers.

  • Value

Genuine local advice + Authentic travel experiences

Double-Identity of Users

 In VOCAL, the user will be granted two identities,

they are the curious travellers, and they are also the locals from where they live. 








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User Journey


Ecosystem Map

By partnering up with WeRoad, a unique travel agency that brings together individuals to embark on extraordinary adventures. We want to consolidates all options for travellers while minimizing commercialized content and emphasizing authentic recommendations.

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